Created a new-to-the-world brand - Crisp Market - including name, logo, personality, visual systems, menu, products, kiosk look and feel, and customer order experience resulting in industry leading $2K+ annual sales per square foot. Received fantastic consumer response - 85% of users say they definitely or probably would use Crisp Market again. Also created passionate brand evangelists within each site - Net Promoter Score of 46%; well above both retail (30%) and foodservice (27%) NPS benchmarks. Led development of 30 new products across sandwich, salad, wrap, dessert, and snack categories. Extremely strong customer response to food - taste, quality, and freshness ratings all 8+ (10 pt. scale). Achieved commercialization of gold standard products by working with commissary partner on ingredient sourcing and recipe training. Integrated hardware, software, & web technology with a newly designed user-interface to create an operating kiosk that delivers consumer aesthetic appeal (8.6 rating) & best-in-class reliability (99% uptime).

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