You are one of the smartest business minds in the business.  You smartness comes from your cross functional approach.  Not only can you connect marketing, marketing research, operations, training and other business elements together, you can also jump into any of the specific areas and develop action plans that are at par or better than specialists who focus only in that area. You are not a "backward looking" business professional. I have always been wow-ed by your ability to look at trailing indicators of a business and then identify leading indicators and then focus your energy on using the information to move the business forward. Specific projects where your Zuckerman-ness made a significant impact:

i. Leaky Bucket®
ii. Brand Tracking studies
iii. Application of voice prism

Finally as a personality, you are a pleasure to work with.  You have challenged me over and over during our working together, but as an equal… in the process you have challenged me to think outside the box and be better in what I do.  But all this you have done in an assertive yet non-abrasive way, so that I look forward to any opportunity to work with.. both because it is a pleasure and also because it is a learning experience.  Working with you rules out the possibility of any kind of mediocre work. — Arjun Sen
President ZenMango and Restaurant Marketing Group