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Utilizing 360° Vision to Drive Growth

Welcome! Since your time is valuable this site provides an efficient (and interactive) way to learn about me. I am a seasoned leader of multi-unit and traditional lines-of-business with diverse foundational experience heading up operations, marketing, concept/product development, consumer research, strategy, and finance teams. I have held executive leadership positions at companies of all sizes, including McDonald's, Potbelly, Quiznos, Donatos, and VoicePrism (a technology start-up).  Via a strategic alliance with Technomic, the largest food industry consultancy and data company in the U.S., I am currently performing strategic, brand, and operational consulting services. Prior to that, I was the General Manager of Crisp Market (an automated retail foodservice concept) for Outerwall (parent of redbox). The common thread through my career is the ability to drive growth by seeing things from all angles.  I add the most value to businesses possessing a strong desire to grow and:

  • In need of a business leader with a deep, integrated understanding of operations, marketing, and finance
  • Feeling frustrated by inability to develop truly innovative new products or concepts
  • Desiring a proven process to tap into the voice-of-the-customer
  • Struggling to implement or execute sales-driving initiatives

To explore further simply watch my one minute video below or click on the image above.